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Wool Soap Rüga 200g

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Handmade olive oil soap for your favourite wool knits and yarns. This soap comes to us from Estonia. It is created by Katja, who is the master soapmaker behind Rüga Milo, using only the best ingredients. We’ve been using this soap at Kettu Knits Studio for a long time, so we decided to bring it to our customers, as it’s one of the best on the market.

You can use it to wash yarn or your favourite knits. Simply leave the bar in the bowl of warm water for couple of minutes, take it out and gently put in your knits. Wash the garment, rinse with lukewarm water, roll it in a towel to absorb the extra moisture and then shape it and lay it flat on another towel to dry. This soap is excellent at getting out even the most stubborn wax and other production chemicals from the cone yarns (e.g. Donegal Tweed). It might take several washes (or good overnight soak) to get all of it out.

Ingredients: Aqua, Saponified Olive Oil, Essential Oils.

Bar size: ~200 g (depending on the humidity level).

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